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March 1, 2016


Disclosure: I received a Wrapy for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

The tradition of carrying our newborn in a wrap has been practiced for centuries. It is a great way to keep baby close while being able to get things done around the house, like dishes, folding clothes, brushing your teeth haha. With many options out there and variations for how you can hold your baby, it can be quite confusing. But do not let that put you off the Wrapy, one of the best selling baby carrier's on the market today.

The Wrapy is good for babies through toddlers up to 35 pounds. A great asset to this particular wrap is the length of the material itself, allowing wearers of all sizes to enjoy (Including Dads!).

The Wrapy is made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex making this stretchy, but not too stretchy and very comfortable for both baby and parent. The one size fits all Wrapy is machine washable and dryer safe, so no need to worry about spills or spit ups, and rest assured with a lifetime guarantee.

The Wrapy comes with an instruction booklet with written directions and helpful illustrations to explain the process. They also have a video online (Wrapy video). The Wrapy would also be great for breastfeeding.


Tips on Wearing your Baby:

(1) Never cover the baby's head or face, allow for breathing, ensuring their chin never touches their chest.

(2) Always bend at the knee when you are wearing your baby. This will ensure the baby will not fall out, placing a hand on the baby's head when turning or leaning is great to get use to in case of any mishaps.

(3) The baby should be positioned exactly where he or she would be without the wrapy.

Common sense is very important. A good rule of thumb would be to not attempt anything that you would not consider doing while pregnant.


Wrapy is a family company with a top priority to ensure safety. A lot of research went into this product and the company wants their product to reflect how much they care about parents and their babies, because they are parents, too. The Wrapy is made using only materials of the highest quality.


Official Website:
Facebook: Baby-Wrap-WRAPY

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