Spirit Naturals Eye Serum

March 10, 2016

Spirit Naturals Eye Serum

Disclosure: I received products for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

Spirit Naturals Eye Serum contains powerful all star ingredients that work together to become the best anti-aging formula to combat wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, sagging, crows feet, fine lines, and bags under the eyes in only a few applications.

This eye serum repairs, restores, and hydrates while firming. Powerful ingredients include: evening primrose, borage seed, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. These essential ingredients are high in GLA fatty acids, which are the building blocks of cells and will rejuvenate aging skin.

The skin under the eye is the most sensitive area of the face and Spirit Naturals Eye Serum is designed to be powerful yet gentle. There are no harmful chemicals only the best of what mother nature has to offer.

Made for all skin types, this eye serum is designed to gently nourish the skin whether we have oily, dry, or sensitive skin. The combination of aloe juice, white tea, rooibos tea, and Vitamin E soothes the skin under the eye and helps to further protect and fight signs of aging.

Spirit Naturals Eye Serum

Their eye serum product comes with a free travel bag and a sample of their facial moisturizer as well as a card with a thank you, a discount code and recipe for a face mask using bananas!

I have been trying this creamy white serum for a week now. It is very easy to apply and has a faint smell that I cannot put my finger on, this scent seemed strong to start and may have caused a slight headache but it has subsided with more use. (It may be the primrose) I have noticed the fine lines under my eyes have diminished and I love that!

Spirit Naturals offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you want to try it risk free - find it on Amazon below.

Amazon: Spirit Naturals Eye Serum.

Website: Spirit Naturals Facebook: Spirit Naturals Pinterest: Spirit Naturals

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