Cats vs Pickles - the hottest new collectible toys for 2021! #SweetSuiteathome

July 26, 2021

Cats vs Pickles

Disclosure: I received promotional items for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

One of the hottest new collectible toys at Sweet Suite at Home this year were the cute and colorful Cat vs. Pickles. These adorable and lovable plush toys are going to be on everyone's Christmas and birthday lists. I am not sure who is more excited, me or my kids. I just fell in love with these cuties immediately!

But, there is a little sadness, you see cats are afraid of pickles, yet pickles just want to be friends with the cats - These lovable yet misunderstood pickles are in hopeless pursuit of the colorful and wonderful cats. Will the cats realize that they have more in common with pickles than they realize and be friends? Let's hope so! :)

Which one are you? Team Cat or Team Pickle?

Cats vs Pickles

We just love them all. They are soft, silly and so much fun to collect. My kids love opening the blind bags to see which small one they get! Yet, they also enjoy the option to choose a favorite Jumbo and Hugger, like Kitty-Cake and Big Dill.

Cats vs Pickles

There are three different plush sizes to choose from - I am sure you are going to want to collect them all like we do!:

PLUSHIES - Plushies are bean-filled cats of every variety to collect with rare pickles, too! Plushie characters are about 4 inches tall, 3 inches wide and are quite fun to squish and hold.

JUMBOS - Jumbos are super-soft, colorful and also bean-filled plushies. They’re about 8.6 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and have a weighted bottom. They’re so soft and fun to hold, you will never want to put them down!

HUGGERS - Huggers are light-weight, colorful, silly, super-soft, huggable, plush characters. They’re about 20 inches tall and 8 inches wide - the perfect size to snuggle with - we need more of these!

Each plush toy has a fun name, like Water-meow-lon, Mint Chippie, Skelecat, and more. We want to collect them all!

Look for them at CVS, Walgreens, Five Below, Claires, Walmart, also on Amazon - Which one is your favorite?

Ctas vs Pickles About Cats Vs Pickles™

Cats Vs Pickles are made by Cepia LLC, manufacturing under Blue Whale™, a privately held company headquartered in St. Louis, MO and founded by James Russell Hornsby that manufactures toys and games for children of all ages. All Cepia LLC toys are sold globally through national chain retail outlets, online and independent toy stores.

"By combining kid-friendly technology and innovative creations, the company's fundamental philosophy is to transform simplistic ideas into magical experiences for kids. Ingenuity, creativity, playfulness and passion are the heart of Cepia."

Twitter: @catvspickles
Facebook: Cat vs Pickles
Instagram: @catvspickles

Cats vs Pickles

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