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October 15, 2020

Gift Guide 2020

Disclosure: Products were received for review purposes only. Some links are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Happy Holidays! It's that time again to sit back and relax, research and price our top wish list gifts for the holidays. I just love doing my gift guides, working with brands I love and sharing them with you!! I will be adding deals and items through-out the next few weeks, so stop by for updates! Here are a few of our TOP TOYS for 2020.

What's on your Christmas List? Below, please find items for younger kids, fun for the whole family and little stocking stuffers sure to delight. Please share any new hot items you have/want on your list in the comments below.


Chalk of the town

Chalk of the Town is a line of chalkboard products ranging from T-Shirt and Long Sleeve Kits to Tote Bags and Patches, allowing both kids and adults to create and design their own wearable fashion using chalkboard markers. PLUS they’re both erasable and reusable so you can design again, again and again! Visit


Upside Down Challenge

The #UpsideDownChallenge Game is a game that literally flips your world upside down! Players wear goggles that flip their vision and then attempt to compete seemingly easy challenges like writing your name and connecting dots. Sounds easy, but it’s a challenge! Available on Target for $19.99.


Pizza Party Throwdown

Pizza Party Throwdown is a fun action game where players race to see who can fling the most pizza toppings on the spinning pizza pie game board before time runs out! Available on Target for $19.99.

Drone Home

Drone Home is a fun new game for ages 8 and up, good for 2 to 4 players that features a real flying drone! All players try to land their aliens inside the Drone so they can fly away. Once an alien lands inside the Drone, there is a short delay before lift off, so other players still have time to knock the alien out. Find it at


Hey Buddy Hey Pal DinoMazing Egg Decorator

DinoMazing Egg Decorator allows kids to color and create their own dinosaur eggs using a mechanism that spins the egg while you decorate! Plus, inside each Dino egg is slime and your own collectible dinosaur! Available on Amazon for $27.99.

Holiday Poppers - Hog Wild brings you your Holiday Poppers as part of its POPular Poppers line! We’re offering you a Yeti Holiday Popper! Available on Amazon for $11.99.

Treemendous Ornament Decorating Kit is the perfect DIY craft to embrace the holiday season. Place one of the ornaments included with the kit into the tree-shaped decorator and let the fun begin! The machine holds and spins the ornament while the markers are used to create stripes, line and other designs! Available on Amazon for $24.99.


Stocking Stuffers

PLAYMOBIL is expanding the magical world of EverDreamerz with the new Comic World line!! Enjoy the Brand New Surprise Set where you can search for twelve magical characters from Comic World with five surprises inside. Available on for $14.99.

PLAYMOBIL also has fun Scooby Doo collectibles with twelve mystery characters for $10.99 at

There are so many choices for stocking stuffers this year. One of our favorite is the fun chalk patch from Chalk of the Town! Create, draw, and doodle your personalized patch to attach to lockers, ipad cases, lunch boxes, binders, mirrors, and more. Each patch comes with 2 chalk markers. (Also available in t-shirts and totes) amazon for $9.95.


Stocking Stuffers

GOGO GACHAS sets includes 1 full-size reloadable vending machine, disco balls loaded with 4 fashion charms, 1 charm bracelet, and a collector’s poster. 3 capsule machines to collect! Available on for $6.99.

POP IT is an addictive sensory and fun gift that keeps hands busy. Available on for $5.99.

Secret Crush Surprise is the cutest crush to unbox a mini doll. Heart case doubles as storage or display case. Collect all 10 sweet themed dolls. Available at target for $9.95.


Atomic Power Popper

The Atomic Power Popper is back and better than ever thanks to a flashy new design and cool new features! Includes three super Sticky Targets you can use just about anywhere! Available on Target for $14.99.

Marshmallow Blaster

Marshmallow Blaster - Bow & Mallow Blaster The big brother of the Mini Bow & Mallow, the Bow & Mallow Blaster continues to bring food and fun together thanks to its edible ammo! With launching distances of up to 30 feet, your marshmallows will soar through the air! Available on Amazon for $25.99.

Toy Gift Guide 2020


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