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April 5, 2021

Tartan Week

Disclosure: Information in the guide provided and shared with permission. All opinions are my own.

Tartan Week in NYC is a week-long celebration of Scottish heritage to recognize achievements and contributions of Scottish Americans to the United States. Usually this fun week offers lots of Scottish-themed events and activities throughout the city as well as a big parade with hundreds of participants from all over America, wearing traditional Scottish attire.

It sounds like a fantastic week and as it celebrates its 22nd year, it will be a virtual online event (due to the pandemic) from April 5th through the 11th and we have some fun ideas below to share with you to get you in the Scottish spirit!

Tartan Week Love Language Guide

Movie Star Love - If you and your love adore cinema, especially live streaming movies that feature Q&A with the directors and actors! Register for the Tartan Film Festival and enjoy The Best in Scottish Filmmaking!

Register here: - April 6-10

Smarty Pants Love - If you and your love are history/literary buffs, snag a ticket for the 250th Anniversary event Exploring the Life of Legendary Poet & Novelist Sir Walter Scott. Join the Zoom Event on April 7th (6:30pm – 8pm).

Get tickets at: - Also, tix for 2021 Tartan Day Commemoration – April 6th (5:00pm).

Family Love - If you and your loved ones want to explore your roots. Learn from a free webinar how to find the most useful online resources for Scottish Family history research.

Register here: April 7th (5:00PM - 6:20PM)

The Scottish Grocer

Continuing the Scottish Language of Love - Visit The Scottish Grocer below for fantastic gift ideas from Scotland. They offer authentic foods, fabrics and clothing from Scotland (based in Charlotte, NC - ship to the US & Canada).

With my dad turning 80 this month and from the town of Kirkintilloch (near Glasgow), I can't stop browsing the many amazing goodies for gift ideas from The Scottish Grocer. I love their kits, like the ones below.

The Scottish Grocer offers many goodies with mustards, chutneys, honey, mints, cakes, tea towels, blankets, and more! Visit them to have a browse, check out their Oatmeal Scones recipe, and show your Scottish pride!

The Scottish Grocer Kits

Treacly Love - If you and your loved ones have a notorious sweet tooth, reach for a bundle of fudge, shortbread fingers, marmalade and preserves for a sugary and lovely treat with The Scottish Grocer Tartan Day Mini Kit!

Visit: The Scottish Grocer Tartan Day Mini Kit

World Famous BIG Love - You can go all out for your loves by sending an array of authentic Scottish foods including the globally renowned national dish, Haggis with The Scottish Grocer Tartan Day Luxury Celebration Kit.

Visit: The Scottish Grocer Tartan Day Luxury Celebration Kit

Tough Love - You and your pal or chum have made it through some brutal times. Irn-Bru, the phenomenal drink that “gets you through” shows your love that you’ve got their back with The Scottish Grocer Tartan Day Snack Pack.

Visit: The Scottish Grocer Tartan Day Snack Pack

OG Love - If you and your love are kindred spirits, there is nothing quite as unique as a 28oz can of award-winning Sirloin Haggis to go with your “neeps and tatties" with The Scottish Grocer Tartan Day Sirloin Beef Haggis Tin.

Visit: Sirloin Beef Haggis Tin

Join in the FUN!

If you want to parade virtually with videos and photos requiting your Scottish splendor in song, dance, recitation or tartan fashion. Post to The Scottish Grocer page on Facebook and tag @nyctartanweek on Instagram and Twitter!

The Scottish Grocer Westie Tin

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