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April 12, 2021

Sitka Salmon Shares

For 11 seasons now, Sitka Salmon Shares have been providing members with responsibly caught, wild Alaskan seafood from small business fishermen in Alaska.

A small fisherman relies on a community's support and this is why Sitka Salmon Shares is so important and a great way to purchase fish and seafood. They offer a few shares to choose from with the Premium Sitka Seafood Share being the most popular, offering 4.5-5 lbs of seafood per month. They also offer the Sitka Seafood Share, the Sitka Salmon Share, and the Sitka White Fish Share. If you would rather just stock up, choose the on-demand "Freezer" option to receive a share of their rotating, limited supply seafood boxes, currently salmon (great for gift giving).

I received the media box which included 2 sizes of Coho Salmon and 2 sizes of Halibut. These delicious sashimi-grade items came individually vacuum-sealed and boxed inside an insulated recycled shipping box on dry ice.

Salmon has to be my favorite fish and something I order when I go out to eat. Sitka Salmon Shares not only provided delicious wild salmon delivered right to my door but it gave me the confidence to try to make this fish at home.


Below, please find a picture of my first try. The salmon was much bigger than in this picture, this is just my sample serving of pan fried salmon with rice pilaf, onion, and red pepper. I loved it, it was so flavorful and easy. I will note that I found quite an amount of bones, but they were easy to spot and pull out! Boxes also come with recipes, but I kept it simple my first time out. Now, feeling a little more confident, I can't wait to continue sampling my box.

This has to have been one of the easiest meals I have made and it is not really a "recipe" but, I cannot believe I have never tried it before at home. I have always been reluctant to purchase salmon from the supermarket, but salmon from the Sitka Seafood Share is so high end. I had no issues with opening the packet, no water residue, no fuss.

To pan fry: Add olive oil and butter to pan. Salt and pepper frozen salmon and place in pan skin side down, along with onion and pepper (do not overcrowd). I did not touch it for about eight minutes on medium heat, then I flipped the fish (not always necessary) and stirred the vegetables for eight minutes more on a little lower heat, my salmon was very thick, keep this is mind, but the less time you cook the better. Especially with Sitka Salmon. Its amazing!!

What is your favorite fish recipe?

Sitka Salmon Shares

Premium Sitka Seafood Share:

The Premium Sitka Seafood Share is the most popular and the only one where my code will give you $25 off. It includes the most prized seafood harvested in Alaska and North Pacific waters by fishermen owners and trusted partners, providing the most support for the fishermen and the best value for us! Shares include king salmon, Bairdi crab, albacore tuna, halibut, sablefish (black cod), mixed with a medley of Sitka coho salmon, Bristol Bay sockeye salmon, Pacific cod, and Dungeness crab.

If you are not a shellfish lover - you can choose the "no shellfish" option when selecting your membership share!

All of the species in the share are harvested in-season by small-boat fishermen or trusted partners, traceable to the source, blast-frozen and then home-delivered monthly to your doorstep. Actual species mix and poundage will depend on fishing and market conditions. Cost: $129.00 for 4.5-5 pounds of goodness ($104 with code).


By choosing Sitka Salmon Shares, we directly support healthier fishing communities. "Every share purchase represents a choice to prioritize people and the planet over large-scale commercial and destructive fishing practices." This choice also means we receive the highest quality, best tasting, wild Alaska seafood (not farmed).

  • Enjoy special access to and stories from their fishermen.

  • Join a community of conscientious seafood lovers in the values-based seafood movement by joining the Sitka Salmonsharesians Facebook group to share recipes and hear stories straight from the fishermen’s mouths (an email is sent with the link to join once you sign up).

  • Unlock priority access to special sales throughout the year.

  • Receive invites to Sitka Salmon Shares events, cooking classes, dinners, educational opportunities, and other exclusive opportunities, digital and/or (eventually, when safe to do so) in person.

  • Try expertly curated cooking tips, culinary insights, and recipes, so that you can easily make dishes that are healthy, delicious, and flavorful.

  • Read The Catch, a monthly print editorial that includes stories about your share, fisheries information, fishermen features, and other fish and food-related tidbits.

  • Exciting surprises
And of course, the biggest perk is that you are supporting small-boat, community-based American fishermen with a seasonal share of their seafood harvest!


Use Code: NattyFish to save $25 off your first Premium Sitka Seafood Share.


Go to the and save.

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