Book Review: Renovating Your Mind by Patrick Egle

December 3, 2021

Renovating Your Mind

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes only. Opinions are 100% my own.

A devotional is a beautiful way to stay positive and continue your journey with God. Author Patrick Egle shares his light and personal experiences in such a beautiful and inspiring way, making this devotional one we should all read!

It starts with January 1st, a perfect gift this time of year, for everyone, regardless of denomination. Each day starts with a Scripture verse, and then a personal story from Patrick with bible stories that helped him and his family through tough times. I have only read a few days so far, they are short and sweet and a perfect way to start or end a day! Filled with thought provoking content and reminders that God will always be there for us. Learn more below.


Renovating Your Mind
"Motivated by a desire to strengthen his family's faith, Patrick Egle decided to share with the members of his family what he had learned from the Bible that day. It was nothing extensive or theologically profound―just a one-paragraph account of how the Lord had spoken to Patrick through His word. It was from sharing that initial paragraph that Renovating Your Mind came to be.

This book is a collection of those same morning devotions, journaling an average man's walk with a supernatural God through everyday life situations. These devotions were not written while sitting behind a desk, detached from the realities and struggles of this life. In Renovating Your Mind, experiences are chronicled in detail, challenging readers to alter their thinking that they might be transformed more into the image of Christ by the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:2). These devotions encourage readers to change their perspective from perception to truth. Through the lens of truth, readers will find the freedom and joy that God has abundantly given us through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Renovating Your Mind is written by a simple, yet divinely inspired layman; easy to understand for every level and denomination of believer. Resisting the temptation towards elegant theological verbiage meant to impress scholars and dumbfound readers, this devotional instead is approachable yet profound. Whether a brand-new Christian, or a seasoned follower of Christ, Renovating Your Mind is sure to challenge its readers to deeply consider its contents, and to develop further their fellowship with Christ."
400 pages

Written by Patrick Egle - Purchase on amazon: Renovating Your Mind.

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Renovating Your Mind is a beautiful journey to the truth! Are you ready to renovate your mind?

Renovating Your Mind

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