A Fun New Coloring Book of Quirky Collages with Hidden Items

April 15, 2021

Quirky Collages

The more you look at the images in Don Stewart's new coloring book Quirky Collages, the more you see. Fun for puzzle lovers and coloring book fans alike, this book starts with tips and techniques, choosing the right coloring utensils, and plenty of unique drawings to color with a fun quote to match the list of hidden items to find printed on the back of the page. Whether you choose to refer to the list is up to you. It is such a fun book and a great gift idea.

ABOUT THE BOOK - Quirky Collages to Color: 100s of Hidden Objects

(March 2021, Fox Chapel Publishing and Design Originals)

"Color and discover hundreds of fascinating objects - the longer you look, the more you’ll find! This one-of-a-kind adult coloring book stands out with its intricate artwork that’s made up of hidden objects. Featuring 32 thoughtful and intriguing designs, each contain a variety of elements that act as clever and funny puns relating to the main illustration. Designs are printed on a single side of high-quality paper with perforated edges."

Quirky Collages


Don Stewart is a former physician turned full-time artist and owner of - a working studio gallery featuring his visual humor, located in a little suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. After receiving his M.D. in 1985, he completed an internship in surgery at the Mayo Clinic, but decided that the off-beaten path of visual humor was the road for him. The author of two books, he currently limits his medical practice to disorders of the funny bone.


Pick up this fun book on amazon or directly through and check out the other amazing art Don has for sale!

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