Purify My Heart: A Dialogue with Jesus Devotional Journal

December 15, 2021

Purify My Heart

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They say never judge a book by its cover. But, if the cover of Purify My Heart is any indication of the inside, it is a beauty! Author Isabelle Joye shares her most inner thoughts and prayers, her struggles and triumphs and encourages us all to take time to sit with God. To enjoy the journey of life but to pause for a moment and have your time. Even if it is a small amount of time weekly. Purify My Heart contains 52 small chapters that would be easy to incorporate into our schedule to do just that, with room for notes to record our journey.


purify my heart book
"In her own devotional prayer journal, Isabelle Joye records not only Scripture and her prayers to the Lord, but also what she senses Jesus is saying to her in response. The result is a beautiful dialogue, as she allows the words of the Lord, rooted in the Word, to minister to the deepest recesses of her heart, soul, and mind, and purify her to become increasingly holy before him.

Isabelle Joye shares examples of her personal dialogue with Jesus to inspire her readers to establish their own dynamic and interactive relationship with the Lord. At the end of each chapter readers will discover questions and lined pages where they can journal their personal response."

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Isabelle Joye
"Isabelle Joye currently ministers in her local church and previously managed a home-based business in child care.

Many years ago, she earned a diploma from a Bible teachers' course. Isabelle is widowed with three adult children and resides in Perth, Australia"

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Purify My Heart is a beautiful collection of inner thoughts that would make an amazing gift this time of year for you or your favorite person, to remind us all to take time to be with God! Happy Holidays.

Purify My Heart

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