Embracing 50 with Tips from the new book: Midlife, No Crisis: An Audacious Guide to Embracing 50 and Beyond by Lisa Levine

March 8, 2021

Midlife No Crisis

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

Reaching 50 is quite the milestone and although many many years ago people were thinking of retiring at this age, nowadays it's almost like a rebirth! Getting old is a priviledge and we should all enjoy our later years. In her new book Midlife, No Crisis: An Audacious Guide to Embracing 50 and Beyond, health and life coach, Lisa Levine empowers women to do something different when what they're doing is no longer working.

For me turning 50 was another birthday I am grateful for (and my husband and family made it very special). My only complaint about aging is the need to wear readers these days and maybe a few extra pounds around the middle. I learned long ago not to waste time with people who clearly are toxic and that it's ok to say no and the only approval I need for anything in my life is my own (with the exception of my husband's opinion, which is always welcome)!

But, this book is a great reminder of these things and many more and I do hope I find a new passion or two in the years to come or cultivate past ones I have set aside, and turn any negative thought into a positive. Thanks to Midlife, No Crisis, I am well on my way with suggestions like drawing, journal writing, being in nature, meditation, and taking time to self-care! I will continue to think about new goals and write the goals, dreams and feelings down.

With humor, uplifting quotes and practical tools, this book encourages women to enjoy the later years to their fullest.


"Don't dread getting older - embrace it! Midlife, No Crisis: Audacious Guide to Embracing 50 and Beyond guides women through this transformative time with easy, actionable advice, inspirational quotes, and scientific studies. Vibrant and gorgeously designed this how-to guide features bites of happiness and pick-me-ups that encourage readers to practice self-care, cultivate positive habits, and let go of what's holding them back from living their best life. Women over 50 are often readier than they realize for this kind of joyful change, as they have survived many of life's challenges and finally know themselves."

In Midlife, No Crisis, you'll learn how to:

- Change your perspective on aging
- Create a life for who you are today
- Make time for healthy habits
- Dream audaciously
- Chart a course for the next stage of your life

"It's never too late to find your passion, live with
renewed purpose, and become the woman you were meant to be!"


Lisa Levine is a Martha Beck Institute-Certified Life and Health Coach at Audacious Health & Wellness. She helps women who are approaching midlife to create new and healthy habits in the way they think, eat, sleep and move, empowering them to live their lives fully and audaciously.

Visit and find Lisa on instagram @thelisalevine

This book is filled with great advice that you can refer to over and over again -- Get your copy on amazon

"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me" -- Ayn Rand

Midlife, No Crisis

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