Inspire your Fire and Rescue Helpers with the Magformers Amazing Rescue Set

September 10, 2020

Magformers Amazing Rescue

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September is when I start thinking about Fall birthdays and the holidays. I like to begin my research early and get ideas for everyone on my list. The Magformers Amazing Rescue Set is perfect for our little ones (over the age of 3) who love to build and create! This 50 piece set offers 20 rescue-concept model ideas, 20 basic model ideas, and 10 planar figures (2D and 3D).

The Magformers Amazing Rescue Set will inspire the imagination of our fire and rescue helpers and spark their creativity.


This 50 piece set includes:
    - 8 triangles
    - 14 squares
    - 1 rectangle
    - 1 super rectangle
    - 2 figures
    - 2 window roof pieces
    - 1 driver seat
    - 1 steel door
    - 1 barricade / front grill
    - 1 propeller siren
    - 1 megaphone
    - 2 wheel sets
    - 1 ladder crane
    - 1 container grab
    - 2 plate pieces
    - 2 mini wall plates
    - 1 mini car
    - 1 mini stairs
    - 6 mini image blocks
    - 1 ladder

Magformers Amazing Rescue


There are so many fun models to build, like the ambulance or helicopter above, also many buildings and shapes, like the star. See the full list below and inspire your fire and rescue helpers to play and explore with all kinds of vehicles and buildings that will help them create stories and scenarios depicting fire and rescue life in an imaginative way:

20 Rescue-Concept Models include:
    - Fire Station 1
    - Fire Station 2
    - Fire Sighting Truck
    - Fire Drill House
    - Rescue 1
    - Rescue 2
    - Fire Truck
    - Fire Ladder Truck
    - Fire Tow Truck
    - Fire SUV
    - Fire Pick-Up Truck
    - Ambulance
    - Rescue Bus
    - Rescue Command Car
    - Rescue Helicopter
    - Rescue Light Craft
    - Rescue Boat
    - Rescue Ship
    - Fire Axe
    - Fire Extinguisher

20 Basic Models include:
    - Vehicles (SUV, Dump Truck, Airplane, Space Craft, Ship)
    - Buildings (School, House)
    - Objects (Star, Cherry, Banana, Phone, Candle)
    - Animals (Whale, Cat, Chicken, Fish, Rabbit)

10 Planar Figures (2D and 3D) include:
    - Tetrahedron
    - Hexahedron
    - Mini House
    - Towers
    - Buildings
    - American Football
    - Car
    - Rocket

Magformers Amazing Rescue

Where to Purchase:

Magformers Amazing Rescue Set is retailed for MSRP $59.95 and available on (currently on sale)

What would you build with this amazing set?

Magformers Amazing Rescue

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