Book Spotlight: Living in the Light by Byron Edwards

November 15, 2022

Living in the Light

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I immediately jumped right in to this story and the main character Jake Fleming. A young, early forties man, with a great job and even better mindset. A good man, who admits his faults, both past and present. He is very likable and shares his experiences, obstacles and miracles in the story Living in the Light.

You will not want to put this book down! I really enjoyed the perspective. With a little romance and insight into religion and "the meaning of life". It makes me want to seek out more stories by author Byron Edwards.

Living in the Light is a long story, but I read it quickly. While some pages went on a bit religiously, the story was done very well. Although fiction, it could easily be true and is a most enjoyable read! Learn a little more about Living in the Light below and add it to your gift giving this Holiday season.


While the destination may be important, sometimes the journey itself is more important.
Join Jake Fleming as he travels around the world in search of clues to the ancient past. During this journey, he gradually grows closer to God.

By going through two traumatic death experiences, Jake Fleming finds that, although initially extremely difficult to process, they both help him to grow spiritually.

"This contemporary inspirational novel follows a man trying to grow as a Christian while constantly confronted by a culture in decline."

Living in the Light is not a typical Christian novel. It includes romance, adventure and mystery. It also answers the questions "Why are we here?" "What is the purpose of life?".

Learn more about the author Byron Edwards by visiting his site:


Living in the Light

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