Tryazon: Homefree Cookies - the Treats you can Trust

November 18, 2021


Disclosure: Many thanks to Tryazon for choosing me as a host for Homefree cookies. Opinions are 100% my own.

For those of you who love cookies but have food allergies - Homefree cookies are for you! If you love to host - rest assured everyone can enjoy the plate of Homefree cookies you set out! We were lucky to get chosen as 1 of a 150 Tryazon party hosts happening this week! We have invited a small crowd over for a cookie taste test to find our favorite. We have set up a hot and cold drink station with tea, coffee, milk, juice, and water. From kids to grandparents, we can't wait to see which one they choose as their favorite!

Homefree cookies come in many flavors but at our local shop we had three kinds to choose from: Vanilla, Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Chip. We had a little sampling before our party and love the crunchy taste and mini size.

Which one do you think would be your favorite?

If you like cookies - choose the cookie that is better for you and your kids - Homefree cookies!

Read more about HomeFree below.

Homefree Cookies


Homefree treats are bursting with whole grain goodness with more than half a serving of whole grain! All treats are nut free, vegan and gluten-free, so they are a wonderful cookie made for everyone! Homefree is a women owned business that focuses on high quality, inclusive treats, and they are a certified B Corp for their commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.

While these cookies are safe for those with allergies and sensitivities, they are made for everyone, and they don't compromise on flavor!

Flavors include:

Lemon Burst,
Chocolate Mint,
Double Chocolate Chip Ginger Snap, and
Chocolate Chip!

All products are peanut and tree nut free, egg and dairy free, wheat and gluten free, fish and shellfish free, no sesame, pumpkin, flax or sunflower seeds, no rice, potato or legumes and soy free (except soy lecithin). Lemon Burst and Holiday sugar cookies are also corn free!

Find more information at

Have you seen Homefree in your grocery store? Have you tried them?

You can find Homefree at | Market Basket | Wegmans | Star Market | GIANT | Amazon

"As the mom of a child with food allergies and as a clinical psychologist, I know how important it is for people with special diets to be able to enjoy treats. I especially wanted it to be easy to include everyone when serving food at social occasions, where a sweet treat is often part of the fun! So I created these cookies to be delicious and inclusive. Homefree treats are also bursting with whole grain goodness. Imagine, every serving of cookies deliciously provides more than half a serving of whole grain! Indulge in a treat for yourself, or serve these to your family or guests, knowing Homefree cookies are treats you can trust." -Jill Robbins, Founder

Best wishes to all the party hosts this week. I hope they have a fun party! Thanks, Tryazon!


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