Grip Guard - The must have tool for your germ fighting kit!

October 5, 2020

Grip Guard

Disclosure: I received a Grip Guard for review purposes only. Any opinions are my own.

With the current situation across the globe, it is important more than ever to take proper care to keep germs away. If you touch many surfaces on a daily basis, you might enjoy the Grip Guard. Grip Guard is a multiple use tool to avoid touching surfaces that are used by many! Read on to learn more about this inventive product.

What is Grip Guard?

Grip Guard is the touchless multi-functional protector tool that allows you to avoid direct contact with germs on various high touch, public surfaces you may come in contact throughout your day. It is a great alternative to the constant hand washing and drying effects of alcohol based hand sanitizer.

The Grip Guard is lightweight and works on door knobs and handles,
faucets and levers, touchpads, digital screens and more, serving as a barrier to exposure.

Grip Guard

Grip Guard’s patent-pending all-in-one design features both a gripping component and a built-in retractable stylus. After use, Grip Guard’s contact surfaces lock in place until cleaning.

The Grip Guard Kit comes with a retractable spring-loaded cord, so you can clip your Grip Guard to your belt-loop, purse or backpack, a storage pouch, and reusable clean bag that provides individuals with everything needed to store and clean the protector. It features a flexible silicone barrier that provides a versatile gripping surface as well as a stylus for using on touch screens, elevator buttons, keypads and more.

The Grip Guard is ideal for: shopping, work, travel and school and a practical gift idea this year!

Where to Purchase:

Grip Guard is available for $19.99 at (includes free shipping within the U.S.)

This item is so popular, it was just featured on Grab it while you can!

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