Toy Review: Doodle Hog - Paint Your Own Squishy

May 19, 2021

Doddle Hog

A popular trend, still going strong today are squishy toys. They come in a wide range of designs and textures and can provide children with hours of fun offering a great way to pass the time. Some children love to squish away any anxiety or stress they may be feeling, not realizing this cute little squishy can help in this way.

Paint Your Own Squishy Kits from Doodle Hog take their squishies one fun step further by allowing kids to paint their own. Kits come with everything you need; a plain white squishy in a fun and adorable design (designs include a bunny, octopus, elephant, unicorn, or cactus), as well as three small paint pots and a brush so kids can spend time getting creative and decorating it just the way they want to, providing them with a fun and unique toy of their very own.

My daughter painted the Little Bunny Froufrou - as soon as she squished it she said it was the good kind (she has sampled quite a few), this one is super slow rise. She loved the colors of the paint pots provided (teal, pink, and white) and she got to painting it right away. She liked the sample on the box so she recreated it and although she was a little heavy on the blue and ran out, she made it look like it was on purpose. We liked that the box came with tips for color mixing to make light teal, light pink and blue gray. Kits start at $9.99

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Paint Your Own Squishy kits make great gifts and craft treats year round. Available on doodlehog and amazon.

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