Kickstarter Campaign: Starting July 10th - Betcha Switchup Card Game

June 28, 2021

Betcha Switchup

Disclosure: I received this game for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

Cards are always a fun thing to get out when friends or family come to visit. Cards are a great summer activity, too. They can be played almost anywhere and are easy to take along.

We recently started playing a new game called Betcha Switchup, it is one of three new Storyastic games that are debuting on Kickstarter July 10. If it sounds like a game you would enjoy, grabbing one right away will ensure you get the best price. Here is why - Each game starts at $10 on the 10th of July and increases $1 a day throughout each day of the campaign ending at $30 when the campaign ends July 30th. Take a tech break and break out the cards!

Betcha Switchup


Start With "THE FLIP"

Each player receives three colored Wager Wafers and two +1 Wafers
Dealer gives each player one card facing down and one card facing up - "The Flip"
(dealt one card at a time, starting on the left)

Wager Wafers

Players who believe they can win the round place one Wager Wafer in the pot, in exchange for another face-up card.
This process repeats with players' placing their other Wager Wafers in the pot in order to receive their fourth and fifth cards, also dealt face-up - There is no folding, but players do not have to take all five cards.

"+1" Wafers

Any player can also use one of their +1 Wafers to get a sixth card (building the best 5 card hand from those six cards).

Wild+ Cards

Wild+ cards dealt to a player can be used as any card they want-any number and any color suit.
Having a Wild+ card in your best hand helps you build your hand and increases your chances of winning the round.
But, the "+" means that the next card dealt from the deck is also going to be wild for that round of the game.

When the next card after the wild+ card is dealt, the dealer puts the black tracking token on that number on the Switchup board so everyone knows what is wild in that round at that time (because if another wild+ card is dealt, it will change again). But, if a wild+ card is dealt face down, it is only wild for that player.


After the five dealt cards, the player with the highest ranking hand according to the Hierarchy of Hands chart receives one point for every Wager Wafer in the pot.
Other players receive one point for every Wager Wafer they still retain in their possession.

Players get their Wager Wafers back for the next round (but not any used +1 Wafers)
The player with the most points after 10 rounds wins 1st place.

Hierarchy of Hands (Highest to Lowest)

5 of a kind = 5 of the same number
Straight Flush = 5 in a row in same color
4 of a kind = 4 of the same number
Full House = 3 of a kind + 1 pair
Flush = 5 of the same color
Straight = 5 numbers in a row
3 of a kind = 3 matching numbers
2 pairs = 2 pairs of matching numbers
1 pair = 1 pair of matching numbers
High Card = Highest single card

We have always enjoyed breaking out the cards and Betcha Switchup did not disappoint! 10 rounds went rather quickly! A fun game all around for adults and kids ages 8 and above.



Learn about their Kickstarter campaign and sign up for their current giveaway at:

Connect with @betchaswitchup and @storyastic on Instagram

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