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August 9, 2021

Athena Club

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Are you tired of borrowing a razor from your husband//boyfriend/brother? I know I am, the "lady" razors are fine to use but nothing compares to the 5-blade mens razor for me. Until now. My daughter asked me to order her the Razor Kit from Athena Club. It is the cutest kit, it would make a great gift idea for your daughter, too. Or maybe you will be like me, and order another one right away for yourself.

Why choose Athena Club? The handle of the razor is an innovative design, easy to "handle", the 5 sharp blades, enhanced with shea butter and a skin-smoothing serum will allow a shave without the razor burn or nicks, and the multi purpose magnetic hook is not only nice to look at but it is designed to stick and stay put!

Athena Club

- 1 handle of your color choice (6 colors available)
- 2 5-blade cartridges
- 1 magnetic hook

This razor kit is $9 with a blade subscription and shipping is always free. Cancel anytime!


Use Code: NATALIE8678 to receive $5 off your first order!


Athena Club is now offering $10 off through this link

Athena Club creates products with the planet in mind so we can feel good about purchasing these products!

Other products at Athena Club include:
Body Wash,
Face Wipes,
Body Lotion,
Multi Vitamin,
Probiotic, and
Period Care.

You won’t find any harsh chemicals, dyes, or additives - only the most natural and sustainable ingredients are used.

Check it out at

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