Stop Goal-Setting and Start Goal-Living with the new book A More Beautiful Life: A Simple Five-Step Approach to Living Balanced Goals with HEART

May 3, 2022

A More Beautiful Life

Disclosure: Many thanks to FrontGate Media for a copy of this book for review purposes. Opinions are 100% my own.

They say "don't judge a book by its cover" but sometimes it's the cover that catches your eye and I love the cover of A More Beautiful Life book with its pretty colors and flowers! Inside author Whitney English shares a fun way to incorporate the HEART acronym to discover new life changing routines, with easy exercises that will adjust your mindset. A More Beautiful Life will open your mind and heart to help you achieve new daily goals.

A More Beautiful Life

ABOUT THE BOOK - “A More Beautiful Life” by Whitney English - Available on Amazon May 3, 2022

"A More Beautiful Life walks readers through setting HEART Goals, a proven framework that starts with helping you better understand yourself not by tracking and measuring everything to death but by meeting you right where you are.

Traditional goal setting sets us up for failure. Starting from a place of desired outcomes, we attempt to answer the question, “Where do I want to end up in life?”

Then we attempt to follow a plan that tells us to run in this direction and track our progress with journals, spreadsheets, and complicated tools. Often the plan is too long, too hard, and too elaborate. It’s not flexible, fluid, or dynamic­–in other words, nothing like real life. We focus too much on outcomes, letting the end justify the means, and often forget who we are in the process, missing the point of goal setting altogether. We need a system that allows us to embrace who we are and let that understanding guide us toward a better life.

In A More Beautiful Life, Whitney English shares HEART Goals–a system that starts with what matters most to you, never forcing you to adopt arbitrary goals and rules. The process matters, not just the outcomes. This system frees you from comparison and allows you to be authentically yourself. It helps you gain confidence as you make the progress that comes from having done your best instead of the depressing discouragement that comes from comparing yourself to the performances of others. You won’t have to become someone else to get what you want.

H – Help Yourself
E – Empower Yourself
A – All Your People
R – Resources and Responsibilities
T – Trade

This is an integrative approach to help you create a more meaningful life that is all yours. You won’t feel imbalanced or off-center as you pursue one area of success, fearing it will cost you somewhere else. Without any striving, your goals will be aligned with where you want to go in life. You won’t need to completely change who you are to follow the system. No more deadlines. No more tracking. No more nonsense."

A More Beautiful Life Book

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