Guest Post: 4 Tips For An Easy Move

February 3, 2021

4 Tips For An Easy Move

Does anyone actually like the moving process? I’ll admit it: moving is one of my least favorite things to do - I always dread packing, unpacking, cleaning, moving heavy boxes and furniture, and everything else that goes into it. It just takes up so much time, it’s hard on your joints and muscles, and the packing process is really just the worst! If only there were quick and easy ways to speed up your move and then forget about the process after… While I do not know it all, I have figured out a few tips for an easy move here and there. Hopefully, these will make your move easy, quick, and a little more stress-free compared to past moves:

Tackle the most stressful room first

Always tackle the hardest room first. If you are dreading a certain room or space in your home, you will keep putting it off until the very last minute and that will put a lot of unnecessary stress on you. When you get the more stressful room out of the way first, you are more inclined to finish the rest of your home because you feel accomplished, motivated, and ready to take on the rest of your home. In addition to starting with the hardest room, I also always recommend starting early. Start packing and cleaning before you actually need to. That way, on the day of the move, it can be as stress-free as possible. When you think about the most stressful room, you could go for rooms that are packed full, have a lot of junk in them, or are sentimental to you.

Set aside time

If you are having a hard time getting motivated to actually pack and/or clean, create time for yourself. Tip 1 to set aside time: put it on your calendar and actually work it into your schedule. Having a set time to get things done is extremely beneficial. That way, you “have” to work on the packing and cleaning vs. potentially not having it fit into your schedule. Tip 2 to set aside time: set a timer while you work! This will again, force you to get the work done, but it will make you get the work done faster, instead of stalling and putting it off. I take advantage of this method in all aspects of my life such as cooking, and even when I am working, but when you use it for packing and cleaning, things will speed up and motivate you along the process.

4 Tips For An Easy Move

Utilize Fresh Start - The Moving Crew to help

Honestly, you can set aside times, make sure you are packing quickly, tackling the most stressful room first, and doing everything else under the sun to make your move easier, but at the end of the day, if you really want an easy move, just hire a moving company, like Fresh Start - The Moving Crew. They are a moving and packing company serving New England and their reviews are phenomenal. Seriously - they are unlike any other reviews that I have seen for other moving companies and that really says something about how reliable and trustworthy they are. If you need packing help, call them. If you need physical moving labor help, call them. They specialize in long-distance, out-of-state moves, as well as local moves, and they always strive to be affordable. They are a professional, tight-knit crew committed to fostering relationships and building trust with their clients. Plus, they can handle moves of any size - no job is too large or too small for them. If you are looking for help with your move with customer-focused service, help with a fast and efficient move, and competitive pricing, you absolutely need to call Fresh Start - The Moving Crew.

Unpack quickly

When you do get into your home, do not wait to unpack or you will never get around to it! Start unpacking on day one and set a goal for your “end” when it comes to packing (aka. When everything needs to be out of boxes and put away). Once you get everything out of the boxes, it will make putting away your items that much easier because you can actually see the progress happening with your own eyes.

Fresh Start Moving Company

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