Boston: Franklin Park Zoo Celebrates 100 Years

June 10, 2012

Franklin Park Zoo

We had such a good time at Franklin Park Zoo in Boston yesterday, what a great time to visit this zoo. They are currently celebrating 100 years and have a fantastic seasonal exhibit going on right now (through September 3rd) called Zoorassic Park. For an additional $4 fee, you can walk through a prehistoric pathway featuring easily over 10 animatronic dinosaurs making all sorts of lifelike sounds and movements, they may almost convince you they are real. I swear we were spat upon by one! This exhibit will be sure to delight any visitor no matter their age. (It might even scare a young one or two.)

Franklin Park Zoo

Franklin Park Zoo

The Franklin Park Zoo is a 72-acre site, nestled in Boston’s historic Franklin Park in the Dorchester area of Boston. The zoo has two entrances, the Zebra entrance and the Giraffe entrance, it is laid out from one entrance to the other so both sides are convenient, (although the parking is closer to the entrance on the giraffe side.) It is an easy enough walk between the two entrances, and the zoo does offer a train ride for an additional fee if desired (seasonal).

The zoo boasts a great Tropical Forest area with friendly gorillas, anteaters, lemurs and even a little pygmy hippo; an Outback Trail for Australia’s emu’s and kangaroos; and also giraffee’s, zebra’s and a camel too. There is plenty to do with carosel rides and a petting zoo. There is also on-site food available or you can bring your own for a picnic. It can easily turn into a good day out.

Franklin Park Zoo

The zoo is currently in the middle of building a brand new 10,000 square foot playground to be finished sometime in July. A quick look at the plans on the wall showed some fantastic equipment including a golden frog inspired spring rocker, and a tube slide that looked like a giraffe. It looked amazing and we think once this is complete it would be a great time to become a member of the zoo.

Franklin Park Zoo

Do you like going to the zoo? I think it is a fun thing to do when visiting a city as well! If you are visiting Boston, there is a golf course across from the zoo but not much else in this far ride from downtown attraction! Boston also has a zoo up north called Stone Zoo. I have not been to this one in over 20 years. Maybe another weekend down the road we can take a trip up north and visit that one too!

Franklin Park Zoo

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post! All opinions are 100% mine.

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