Ghirardelli Squares Milk & Truffle Review

February 23, 2012

Ghirardelli Squares Milk & Truffle

I get a craving for chocolate from time to time and I usually keep a small stash of it in the fridge for such occasions. Being married for nine years, my stash has disappeared quite a bit! So when I received a packet of the new Milk & Truffle Ghirardelli Squares to review. This stash was secretly tucked away in my closet. :)

One square will easily satisfy a craving; the chocolate and truffle melted nicely in my mouth and rivaled my forever favorite flavored square: Caramel! This packet and I had many an enjoyable secret rendezvous and on the third or fourth day, I was caught by my inquisitive four year old daughter... so I shared with her, then I shared with my son and my husband and soon enough - POOF they were gone!

Next time you are having a chocolate craving, these beauties will not disappoint. Be sure to hide them if necessary. They also make a great gift for any chocolate lover. Happy Snacking.

Disclosure: This is a She speaks Campaign. I received one packet of yummy Ghirardelli Squares Milk & Truffle to review. Opinions are 100% mine.

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