Radius Oral Care Now Offers Immune Support Toothpaste

Radius Immuni-minty toothpaste

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America's #1 toothbrush brand Radius has just launched a new collection, combining powerful immune-boosting ingredients with cutting-edge oral care technology. We can now get our vitamins and supplements with ease with the new organic immunity toothpaste.

Radius now offers a toothpaste with immune-boosting ingredients, offering triple protection for oral health and natural immune function. Each variant (adult and kids) is fortified with a potent blend of Elderberry, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Hydroxyapatite, delivering exceptional oral health benefits while supporting everyday immune defense.

This breakthrough immune support toothpaste collection includes an adult Immuni-Minty in Elderberry Mint flavor and a kids Super Duper Bubble Berry Mint.


REVIEW: The new RADIUS Immuni-Minty Immune Support Toothpaste is refreshing and easy to use. The fun purple color does not leave coloring on the teeth, yet helps to gently exfoliate and whiten teeth naturally. I love that it is triple action infused with elderberry, Vitamins C & E and is SLS & fluoride Free. It has a mild taste with a hint of berry and mint. Give it a try!

Available in all major retailers, including Amazon & the RADIUS website!

"Backed by the ADA and recommended by dentists, RADIUS has revolutionized oral
care for the U.S. and global market and has been the number one natural care
products brand consumers trust for nearly 40 years."

Check out the great product line for adults, kids and pets at: madebyradius.com


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