Great Gift Idea: VERVE 2 by Inxus #techtoy #cybermondaydeal

November 30, 2014


Disclaimer: I received the VERVE 2 for review purposes only. No other compensation was received and all opinions are mine.

Your tech savvy gift receivers may enjoy the VERVE 2 this year, this groundbreaking interactive tech toy allows kids of all ages the ability to control their computer and the internet with everyday objects creating some amazingly fun projects.

How to use: Plug a sensor into the VERVE box and use the app provided to convert the sensor or sensors into commands, you can text and email; log data and see it real-time on your computer; and turn everday items into musical instruments. Your imagination is the limit.

The VERVE 2 kit ships with eight different sensors that can be used to create thousands of different experiences.
Sensors include: light, motion, sound, magnet, force, temperature, touch and pushbutton. Also included are: the hub, 8 connection cables, mini-USB cable, 4 extension cables, flash drive with software, users guide, and 2 starter game apps.

Watch a quick video here to see the VERVE 2 in action: VERVE 2 on you tube.

Verve 2


On Monday, December 1st, shoppers can go to the VERVE store at
and enter code: Cyber50 to save 50% off the purchase price of $119.

For more information about VERVE 2, please visit:

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