Tide Coldwater Detergent Review

January 7, 2012


Being married with two children, we have laundry! So I am always looking for a product that works well, is budget friendly and environmentally friendly too! So when She Speaks had a Tide Coldwater Program, I enrolled, giving me an opportunity to freely express my opinion, in turn receiving one free full sized bottle of Tide Coldwater Liquid Laundry Detergent in Fresh Scent to test.

Already a huge fan of Tide, I had yet to try the Coldwater brand and thought I could only benefit from its energy saving claims. My first load was a bunch of towels that I knew would challenge its effectiveness, especially since it was a mixed bag of whites and light colors. The results were great, the colors and whites look clean and the scent is mild, non-overpowering. I'm satisfied and lowering my bills is a plus. Although I have heard this Tide is a little pricier than the original, coupons are available often in our weekly inserts and well worth using.

A few benefits of washing in cold water include:

*Saves energy, making our utility bills a little less;

*Will not permanently stain clothes (pre treating stains and washing in cold water will allow you to spot clean after washing if the stain still exists, using hot water will make the stain permanent, immediately);

*Better for soft delicate materials;

*Stops colors from fading.

My only concern is germs! Does washing in cold water kill germs like hot water? I suppose I could add a disinfectant like chlorine bleach or pine oil to some loads that would need that but I am not a huge fan of their scents. Maybe I can swap out a hot water wash occasionally for some loads like jeans and towels. It's a start! What do you think about washing with cold water? Have you tried Tide Coldwater detergent?

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