Margo's Magnificent Choice - Tacky Box Review #TackyBoxKindness

March 4, 2014

Disclosure: I participated in the campaign for kindness and received the tacky box for review purposes. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Margo's Magnificent Choice Review #TackyBoxKindness

The tacky box is a great tool invented by a mother who was a bit shocked the day her daughter came home saying her first bad word, so she got creative and came up with the tacky box, a box to hold all the tacky and unkind words inside that we should all eliminate from our vocabulary. It comes with a cute story book, that can be ordered for either a girl or a boy with Max, the boy monkey and Margo, the girl monkey, who just want to play with their friends in the jungle.

Margo's Magnificent Choice Review #TackyBoxKindness

Each set comes with a hardback book, a 5x8 wooden box and instructions. The box is well made and intended for your child to decorate and make it her own. Also included is a cute note pad to write the tacky words on and to keep inside the box, never to be spoken again.


Margo the monkey is finding it hard to fit in the jungle and is a little sad and confused about why her friends do not want to play with her. Luckily Margo finds a friendship with Mr. Owl, the wise old owl that kindly shares with her that kind words are better than tacky ones to get her jungle friends to play with her. He said:

"Only you can choose which words you use. If you want to be as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside, you must choose your words carefully."

The tacky box was given to Margo by the wise Mr. Owl and he encouraged her to write all the tacky words down that she says or hears and put them in the box and try never to say them again! Words that are unkind, words we would not want to hear ourselves. Margo tries to use kind words next time she sees her jungle friends and was delighted when they invited her to play along with them.

These books were written by Chris Kent Phelps, Emma Phelps and Cindy Kent. Illustrated by Cindy Kent.


At first I was a little confused because things I keep in a box mean a lot to me but once I opened my mind and thought more about it, I realized it is a great idea, it offers a great way to teach and talk more with our children about words and how kinder ones help us all be happier overall. It helps our children learn which words are kind and which ones should go in the box with the box providing a place to put in our tacky words. It is really quite clever.

We have only had our box a few days and my daughter immediately took to coloring in the box and making it her own, but it is currently empty of words. Now I would like to think this is because my daughter does not say tacky words, but that can't be true, she said she didn't want to say bad words, which is a great and valid point. She later whispered something in my ear asking if it was one for the box. It was, I was going to suggest some, or add ones from the book but I think I will wait for the opportunity to present itself for now. I know the idea has got her thinking and that's the start of learning. It really is a marvelous idea and I am excited to enjoy the book more with her and help her add words to it as they come up! I am so very grateful to the inventors for this concept and for sharing it with us. It is a wonderful way to teach our children how kind words work so much better than tacky ones!

Margo's Magnificent Choice Review #TackyBoxKindness Margo's Magnificent Choice Review #TackyBoxKindness


The makers of the tacky box are on a mission to teach kindness to our children and want to share this wonderful book and box with all kids ages 3-8. They are also partnering with educators “to create a curriculum to roll out the concept in schools”

If you are interested in joining the Campaign for Kindness and are able to sponsor a classroom, a school or a district, the inventor invites you to email her directly at - She says: “Together, we can make the world a kinder place, one child at a time.”

You can also help spread the words of kindness by tweeting with hastag #TackyBoxKindness. Just talking about it can continue the ripple effect the inventors have already started - Will you help us? “before the words and actions of others make their mark”

For more information, find them online at:
Also, found on facebook and twitter.

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