An Interview with the Beauty Behind the Beauty Line:
Me & The Girls - Sharon Hackney-Robinson

August 21, 2013

Me and the Girls Beneficial Organic Beauty

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One year ago this month, I sampled a few products from Me and the Girls beneficial organic beauty line and fell in love. The aromas are fresh, inviting and heavenly with hints of spearmint and tea tree oil. Ideal for wet skin, I noticed instant improvements to the look and feel of my moisture craving skin and treasure their gorgeous signature bag with a mix of glorious goodies. (pictured below)

I recently sat down with the beauty behind the beauty line and if her skin is any indication of what continuous use of her products can do, then ladies, treat yourself to Me & the Girls products. Sharon and her beautiful skin are flawless.

Me and the Girls Beneficial Organic Beauty Sharon Hackney-Robinson

Sharon Hackney-Robinson is a busy woman, so I was over the moon that she would meet with me for lunch on her recent trip to Boston. Conversation came easy as we enjoyed a light lunch al fresco and a cool beverage or two. The afternoon flew by with lots of laughter, it was like having lunch with a close friend! Sharon is fun, open and absolutely stunning from the first moment, chatting for hours revealed pure inner beauty as well.

Q: How did you decide to start a beauty company?

A: I wanted to have access to safe, decadent moisturizers that were healthy and beneficial for my skin. It was a natural chain of events that lead me to launching a company to do the same for other women who wanted the same lush, raw ingredients in their personal products.

Q: Your Collection contains 99% NOP (National Organic Program) certified organic materials - Should we wonder about the 1%?

A: The 1% is vitamin E used as a natural antioxidant and preservative that is not a certified organic option in the market at this time. It is necessary to preserve the shelf life and keeps the products fresh.

Q: Your products are for all skin types - Can any age use them as well?

A: Our youngest customer is a 16 year old diving champion who loves the scrub to keep her skin exfoliated from chlorinated dry skin and provides moisture at the same time. My oldest client is 81 years old and loves the Moon Anti-aging Moisturizing Crème.

Q: What is your beauty regimen?

A: I’m very busy making everyone else beautiful. To cut to the chase I use the Bar Beleza to clean, moisturize and as a light primer when I use make-up. And I NEVER travel without it.

Q: Where can I buy your products?

A: Online at Me and the Girls website.

The Collection includes:

FACIAL MOISTURIZERS: Moon Anti-Aging Night Moisturizer / Moon Beauty Serum / Bar Beleza Multi-Use Beauty Bar

BODY MOISTURIZERS: Lavandula Revive Foot Scrub / Lavandula Revive Foot Creme / Limonum Sugar Body Scrub

LUXURY BEAUTY SETS: Mini Beauty Luxury Trial & Travel Set / Lavandula Revive Foot Spa Set (6Pcs) Moonlight Moisture Set (4Pcs) Full Body Beauty Gift Collection (8Pcs)

Me and the Girls Beneficial Organic Beauty

My favorite is the Mini Beauty Luxury Trial & Travel Set, a kit of their top selling products which includes mini versions of: Limonum Sugar Body Scrub, Lavandula Revive Softening Creme, Moon Anti-Aging Night Facial Moisturizer, Moon Beauty Serum, Lavandula Revive Foot Scrub, a bamboo spoon and their gorgeous signature travel bag. All you need for a day of pampering, a complete spa treatment in a bag for your home, at your convenience.

Me and the Girls will have a new facial moisturizer out soon which I sampled and it is wonderful. Easy to apply, light and fast absorbing. I am eager for its launch! Stay tuned for details!

To find Me and the Girls on social media - Visit their: Pinterest boards, facebook page, or twitter account.

A huge thanks to Sharon for a wonderful afternoon! You are amazing. Hope to see you again soon. A shout out to Angel, our mutual friend who made this possible! Hope to see you the next time!!

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