Holiday Crafts: 50 Projects for Year-Round Family Fun by Linda Reece

November 25, 2015

Holiday Crafts: 50 Projects for Year-Round Family Fun

I was provided this book for review purposes only. Any and all opinions are my own.

With two kids, crafting is a great thing to offer them, and with the new book: Holiday Crafts: 50 Projects for Year-Round Family Fun, we have many craft choices, all broken down by season, beautifully done, with easy to follow instructions, full color photographs, and helpful supply lists. I can either participate along with the kids, or admire what they come up with - like this adorable Turkey, my eight year old girl made for Thanksgiving. We didn't have colored paper, so she improvised :)

Holiday Crafts: 50 Projects for Year-Round Family Fun

Holiday Crafts: 50 Projects for Year-Round Family Fun

Holiday Crafts contains five crafts for ten different holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July, Halloween, back to school, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, and Valentine's Day.

There are also non-craft activities sprinkled inside for a little bit of added fun.

These fifty year-round holiday-themed crafts are accessible and developmentally appropriate for 3-10 year olds and guarantee hours of enjoyment.

Although we have great resources online, nothing compares to flipping through a book, preparing priceless mementos, and taking a break from screen time!

About The Author:

Author Linda Reece, mommy blogger and crafter, believes that spending time with your little ones doing simple crafts and activities is a perfect way to bring cheer to every holiday. The crafts featured here will not only nurture your little one's creativity and imagination but also strengthen their fine motor skills and help them develop self-confidence.

Linda is the founder of, a blog about fun, simple, and creative crafts and activities for young children and their families. She started the blog in 2009, after the birth of her second child. Linda and her husband live in Hawaii, where they are proud parents of four.

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