Green Works Products Review

April 4, 2012

Green Works

Once I had children, I started noticing a lot more things around me and learning many more things too. Things I would not have really considered before children, like cleaning supplies. A big concern for me was the harsh fumes and residue my cleaners were leaving behind. I did not want to inhale these harsh fumes any longer and I definitely did not want my children inhaling them either. So I did some research and luckily it appears Green Works did some research too!

The makers of Clorox, a brand I like using for its cleaning power, decided it was time to come up with some products us mums could use guilt free, that are safe for our families and our environment. And so, Green Works was born. Green Works produces many great products including dishwashing liquid, stain remover to laundry detergent and is recognized by the EPA thanks to their ingredients that actually benefit human health and the environment.

I had the opportunity to try a few Green Works products:

Green Works All Purpose Cleaner:

Green Works

I have tried an enormous amount of cleaners out there and have to say I have finally found my favorite in the Green Works All Purpose Cleaner! This cleaner can clean up grease, grime and dirt like no other and can be used on all sorts of surfaces like counters, stainless steel, and tabletops, even sinks and toilets. It can also be used on glass and mirrors too for a streak-free shine. Dermatologist-tested and 97% naturally derived.

Green Works Compostable Cleaning Wipes:

Green Works

I love these compostable cleaning wipes! They are easy to use, smell nice, and clean great. Made with naturally derived ingredients like citric acid and wood fibers, they also leave no chemical residue. The best part is I can have my two little ones help me clean up without the worry of harsh chemicals getting on their little fingers. Safe for most non-wood surfaces, including acrylic, fiberglass and vinyl.

Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

Green Works

I love this toilet bowl cleaner for a job I hate to do. This product makes it easier and lasts longer. 99% naturally derived it contains a powerful gel formula that cuts right through rust, hard water and mineral deposits. Although I think the smell is a little strong, it is still a pleasant smell and not bad in comparison to other smelly toilet cleaners! Love the easy to use spout for under the rim. Safe for septic systems too.

More Reasons to love Green Works:

1. They use packaging that can be recycled;

2. Their products are not tested on animals;

3. They offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied; and

4. Their products are formulated using plant and mineral based biodegradable cleaning ingredients.

Visit the Green Works Website for more information.

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Disclosure: I received product samples from Green Works as part of a big tent community. Opinions are 100% mine.

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