Goodbye Google Friend Connect

January 17, 2012


I have only recently started using Google Friend Connect on my blog so I was a little disappointed to read that Google was eliminating it from all non-blogger sites by March 1, 2012.

I enjoyed the ease of visiting sites using this widget and the happy faces and pretty pictures chosen as avatars that greeted me every day. But, I have noticed a few glitches here and there; sometimes when I load my page the widget will say I have no friends and to be the first when I know I have followers! I also noticed on my blogger account it states I only follow a few blogs when I know I follow a lot more. (I also sign in with different accounts, so that may be my answer.) So maybe it is a good thing they are removing it. Regardless, it was fun building friendships with you all and I will miss you.

So with this post I am removing the widget from my sidebar and wanted to make sure I thanked you all for your friendship! I will make sure to visit each of you before the deadline to follow you in other ways, hoping you may do the same. Thanks for your support!

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