Aquaphor To The Rescue

March 22, 2012


Well, it has been a strange and delightful winter regarding the weather here in Boston. A very mild season indeed! It is currently 78 beautiful degrees out on the 22nd of March and after a beautiful long walk this morning it dawned on me that my skin is no way ready for the warmer weather.

Not only am I as pale as ever, but I am also on the dry side and always turn to Eucerin products to help heal and prepare my skin for spring and summer. A few of my favorite Eucerin products are:

Aquaphor: This line is perfect for very rough areas such as hands and feet. I love it for my heels and try to use it often in the summer months to keep my feet soft and smooth and sandal ready. It is perfect to use before bed and even better if you wear cotton socks. This line was so good for me, I used it on my sons very dry legs when he was a baby with fantastic results, and because it is fragrance free, there were no irritants and perfect for his sensitive baby skin. (Eucerin also makes a Baby Aquaphor line, but mine worked fine, although we do love their 2 in 1 wash and shampoo for the kids!) I also recently read they have a lip line too… which may be my next purchase.

Everyday Protection Face Lotion: I use this daily, year round, in the morning. It is so lightweight and fast absorbing you almost feel like you need to apply more, but you do not! I love that the SPF of 30 is included and thankful I do not have to apply another cream to protect me from the sun.

Everyday Protection Body Lotion: This lotion is great for arms, legs, hands too and you can use it every day (as the name suggests :) Fragrance free, anti-oxidant enriched, with an SPF of 15. I love that it is non greasy too.

I have yet to try their anti-aging line - have you? What are some of your favorite products for your skin?

Disclosure: This post is an unpaid product endorsement and no way affiliated with Eucerin, I'm just a fan :)

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