Children's Claritin

March 28, 2012

Children's Claritin

Spring is in the air, so that means we made it through another Winter!! Yeah! Although I have to admit, it was a very mild one for us here in New England. I love Spring the most though, with the buds blooming and the color coming back to life. It brings a smile to my face. Sadly, I suffer dearly for the fresh pollen circulating the air and have tried a few products to help minimize my red, itchy eyes and runny nose and trust the non-drowsy relief of Claritin. So when my son started showing signs of allergies, I knew I could trust Children’s Claritin too.

Children’s Claritin come in a variety of three products:

1. Grape Syrup – Dye-free and sugar-free. Comes in 2 and 4 fl oz bottles.

2. Grape Chewables – Only chewable for kids as young as 2. 10 or 20 tablets in a box.

3. Reditabs – For ages 6 and up. No water needed, fast dissolving tablet, available in 12 or 24 hour. 10 or 20 tablets in a box.

Did you know Claritin is the #1 Pediatrician recommended non-drowsy allergy brand? and provides 24 hours relief.

Tips for managing allergies:

• Keep windows closed, most pollen is carried by the wind;
• Keep your house smoke-free, irritants like tobacco smoke can intensify allergy symptoms;
• Change or clean air filters regularly, at least once a month
• Help protect against mold, clean your showers and tubs with a chlorine bleach solution;
• Have your child shower and change clothes after playing outdoors, outside allergens and pollen can collect on the skin, hair and clothing;
• Inform others about your child's allergies and discuss your child's condition with the school nurse, teachers, coaches and any other people with whom your child has regular contact.

How are your allergies so far this year? Has the strange weather been affecting them in anyway? We had 80 degree weather here last week and now its 30… I am watching my son with his allergies to see if they worsen before trying Clariting on him, but I know my nephew already takes a tab a day for preventive measures because he gets them bad. He is nine, and his Mum likes that he is able to focus better during the day and sleep soundly at night with just one tablet a day.

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Disclosure: I received a product sample and coupons from BzzAgent. The tips above came from the informative Claritin Bzzguide. Thanks BzzAgent for another great campaign!

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