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April 28, 2020

Sweetology Kit

Disclosure: I received a four pack decorating kit for review purposes only. Any opinions are my own.

I am truly feeling for kids going through this strange time, especially for those who are celebrating a birthday. My son will be turning 11 at the start of May and I have been busy researching creative ways to celebrate! Decorating cupcakes and cookies would not be his first choice, but my daughter was all over Sweetology. Sweetology is a local St. Louis shop that also takes online orders for creative decorating kits - perfect for celebrations.

How Does it Work?

Choose your kit from the many varieties offered. Kits can include ready-to-decorate cookies or cupcakes. Additional items include, colored buttercream frosting in pre-filled piping bags with decorating tips, sprinkles and toppers.

Your kit arrives with everything you need to start decorating right out of the box! No baking necessary, no trips to the store. Kits can be frozen until ready to use!

Our kit contained:

Four (4) vanilla cupcakes, three (3) pre-filled piping bags, five (5) piping tips, and red, green, and rainbow sprinkles.


Most Decorating Kits Include a Variation of:

Choice of 12 cupcakes or 12 Baked Sugar Cookies
Pre-filled Piping Bag, Red Buttercream
Pre-filled Piping Bag, Chocolate Buttercream
Pre-filled Piping Bag, Natural Vanilla Buttercream
Pre-filled Piping Bag, Green Buttercream
Pre-filled Piping Bag, Yellow Buttercream
Red Sprinkles
Green Sprinkles
Rainbow Confetti Sprinkle Mix
Snack food pressed sugar toppers

Price: $39.99


Now we are stuck at home for any birthday parties, how about having a virtual party. The hostess could set up a zoom video party at your convenience and then order a kit for all guests able to attend. Sweetology takes care of shipping the kit to the guest and then everyone can decorate together at your scheduled zoom time! It is such a cute idea and for a small fee, Sweetology could have a Sweetologist attend to oversee it all (optional)!

Also, what about decorating a cupcake or cookie with Nana! We decorated two of our four cupcakes for Nana and Papa, yet I thought it could be a cute idea to organize a time for them to decorate together over zoom!

Another idea is a virtual girls night in. One could set up a zoom conference with a few friends, then set up your guestlist with sweetology and have a cookie/cupcake decorating afternoon/night with a glass of tea/wine and chit chat! I am a little shy of video conferences, but if we could keep busy decorating instead of staring at each other, it would be ideal. And, what a pick me up idea to send a friend on her own, to celebrate a birthday or just because!


We decorated our Snack Attack Cupcake Kit one afternoon, just for fun! My son surprised me and participated and was inspired by Plants vs. Zombies. Can you guess which one is his? My daughter enjoyed decorating the remaining three. We went a little heavy on the frosting, so we removed a lot to eat two cakes and gave two to Nana and Papa.

We enjoyed it because it was so fun to do, SO easy to do! And, it all comes ready to go (or freeze for future use). Something to do as a family, or let the older kids enjoy it alone. Sweetology is a party in a box, fun for all ages. Fun to do anytime, yet, also a sweet treat for special occasions, too! I would love to try the cookies next!

Which one would you try?


Sweetology is currently offering free shipping with their decorating kits -- Enter code: FREESHIP at checkout.

Find them online here: sweetology and on facebook, twitter and instagram

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