MVP and MVP 2 DVD Reviews

April 19, 2013


Have you heard about MVP and MVP 2 DVD's? We had not heard about the Most Valuable Primate or the Most Vertical Primate 2. Jack, this talented, fun loving primate is quite the star. Able to skate, play hockey, dress himself, among many other things, he will have you loving him and cheering for him from the very start!

MVP: Most Valuable Primate, is about Jack, a sign language speaking chimp, who is sold to a research lab after his trainer dies (we went for a quick snack when they touched on this sad part). He somehow makes a break for it to luckily find two teens that hide him for a while before realizing Jacks talent for ice skating, Could he save their Hockey team? My five year old daughter chuckled at him skating and loved the small bit of sign language involved. (Something she had previously shown an interest in) There was a lot of hockey to watch but a very cute movie indeed!

MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate, stars Jack again, who traded in his hockey skates this time for a skateboard. It starts with him enjoying his hockey games with the Seattle Simians team, when he is somehow framed for something he didn't do, he ends up lost and alone, then luckily bumps into a shy skateboarding kid named Ben and befriends him. Will Jack help him in return? Skateboarding featuring X Games champion skateboarder Bob Burnquist.

These two DVD's are another cute series from Phase 4 films. Each comes with a downloadable Activity Kit and behind the scenes footage.

Disclaimer: This is a Team Mom/Childs Play Communications campaign, both MVP and MVP 2 were received for this review. However, all opinions expressed are 100% mine and never influenced by products received.

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