New Release and Book Giveaway: Love Her Well - 10 Ways to Find Joy and Connection with your Teenage Daughter by Kari Kampakis

August 17, 2020

Love her Well

Disclosure: I received this book for review purposes only. Any opinions are my own.

I am blessed with two children, one girl and one boy. My girl is the oldest and will be turning 13 in a couple of months, so this book found my lap just in time. It is full of valuable tools to enjoy your journey with your daughter and tips on choosing the right time and words to empower her, because no one loves us like our mothers and the best way to teach our girls, grace, patience, love and understanding is to show it to them and try to be the kind, confident, and strong person we hope they grow up to be!

Key takeaways from Love Her Well include:
  • To take time for self care - So my daughter can see I do and encourage her to do the same!
  • Try not to let fear and anxiety drive my choices - My daughter is watching and I need to set a good example
  • Prepare your child for the road, not the road for your child - Be her Mum and emotional coach!
  • To listen with empathy and realize that when she opens up to me, it is a privilege - Let her talk!
  • Don't take rejection personally "enjoy your daughter when she swims to you, but anticipate the push off"
I enjoyed reading this book and the timing was perfect. I will be keeping it close and reading it again and again as I travel through the years! I would recommend it to all mothers of girls. It is full of fabulous reminders and powerful insight from a woman with four girls! She may know a thing or two :) Best wishes to all mothers -- I hope you build beautiful connections with your girls! We are their first female relationship that will make a huge impact for life!

Valuable Tools Inside Love Her Well include:
  • A list of the authors Core Beliefs about Parenting
  • 35 Ways to Speak Life to a Teenager
  • 14 Realities Impacting Today's Teen Girls
  • 20 Ways to Prepare your Daughter for the Road
  • 20 Ways to Grow a Relationship with Your Teen Daughter
  • 10 Ways to See the Good in Your Daughter
  • 20 Truths of Friendship
  • 15 Ways to be Your Daughter's Emotional Coach
  • 35 Ways to Enjoy Your Teenage Daughter
  • 12 Ways to Mother Yourself
  • 50 Prayers for Your Teenage Daughter
Read on to learn more about this amazing book and visit our sponsor to enter to win a copy!

Love her Well
"For many women, having a baby girl is a dream come true. Yet as girls grow up, the narrative of innocence and joy changes to doom and gloom as moms are told “Just wait until she’s a teenager!” and handed a disheartening script that treats a teenage girl's final years at home as solely a season to survive. Love Her Well is a realistic yet optimistic guide to help mothers connect with their teenage daughters through the challenges of adolescence.

Written by a mom of four girls and an author for teenage girls, it is packed with powerful insights, relevant stories, timeless truths, and common mistakes made in the mother-daughter relationship. By building a connection with your daughter as you parent her, you’ll gain a voice in her life that allows you to offer guidance, wisdom, and emotional support. Let’s change the narrative that leads moms to parent girls with a spirit of defeat - and instead parent them with a spirit of strength, especially during the critical teenage years."
Love her Well
"Kari Kubiszyn Kampakis is an author, blogger, and national speaker from Birmingham, Alabama. Her books for teen girls, 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know and Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For?, have been used widely across the country by teen youth groups and church groups to empower girls through faith. Kari's work has been featured on the TODAY Show, TODAY Parents,Yahoo! News, EWTN, Proverbs 31, Ann Voskamp's blog, The Huffington Post, and other national outlets. She and her husband, Harry, have four daughters and a dog named Lola."

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Love her Well


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