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March 3, 2016

Endless Games

Disclosure: I received Endless Games products for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

One can never have too many board games. My family and I love our game night and how it helps us teach our children how to take turns, addition, and good sportsmanship. We were delighted to try a few new games from Endless Games. These two are suggested for kids a little older than my two, but that didn't stop us from trying them out and having some fun.

Camera Roll


Do you have a snapshot from a birthday party? How about a picture from your vacation? You have 30 seconds to find it. Every player is involved in every round! Just find a photo to match the description on the card – which means some images could be left to your interpretation! Will YOUR picture best fit the card description?

Contents of Box:

288 Category Cards
30-Second Timer (2 AAA required - not included)
Score Card
Dry-Erase Marker
Instruction Booklet


For 3 or more players, 12 and up. This game is played using your own pictures on your device of choice (phone, iPad or camera) No internet searches allowed. Players take turn being the "Judge". The Judge selects and announces the category, starts the timer, and decides who gets the "first" and "best" points. Players have 30 seconds to find a photo that connects to the card, each player who finds a photo gets a point. Extra points are given for being first or judged the best and stories to go along with the pictures are encouraged! Highest scorer wins!

Name 5


Name 5 is a fun new party game that asks some easy questions that most people will know the answers to, sure you know one Tom Hanks movie, one Tina Turner song...Maybe even two...But can you name 5? This game will have players picking their brains to Name 5.

Contents of Box:

144 Name 5 Cards (over 1400 challenges)
30-Second Timer
1 Game Board
1 Die
4 Tokens (Pawns)
Instruction Booklet


The team going first rolls the die and moves their teams token the number of spaces on the die. A player from the team picks a card and reads the Name 5 Challenge corresponding to the color of the space. Another team member starts the timer. The team has 30 seconds to answer the challenge by naming 5. The team to win will land in the middle of the game board and have 90 seconds to complete all 5 of the Name 5 Challenges.

What is your favorite game for Game Night?

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