Influenster's Beauty VoxBox Featuring Bath & Body Works

November 14, 2012

Bath & Body Works

I love Bath & Body Works products. I rely on them for gift giving and also for treats for myself! There are plenty of products to choose from including body care, soaps, candles, wallflowers, and great gifts sets, and once you have a favorite scent, it is easy to choose which product to purchase. I received a mini candle in the recent Beauty Bloggers VoxBox and it reminded me how the small candles are a good way to introduce you to new fragrances. We purchased a few more mini candles to sample some more new fragrances in Mahogancy Teakwood and Winter and also purchased a couple of the three wick ones while they were on sale of fragrances we already enjoy! I love it when I walk into my house and I smell clean linen or lavender instead of what I made for lunch or dinner.

On this small online shopping spree, my daughter and I came upon a new product for me called Scentportables. Have these been around for ages? They are a cute small fragrance container without a plug or battery that you can hang or just rest on any surface thanks to the built in clip, we bought peppermint, linen, sweet pea and fresh cotton refill fragrances that we have in the car and around the house. They are small, so I am not sure how long they will last, but we love them, they are so cute, we got a couple of reindeer and penguins, they also have polar bears and snowmen that are calling my name.

Bath & Body Works Scentportable

Bath & Body Works Scentportables

I was sad to miss their new fragrance launch last Friday, it is always a good time to sample their new scents. This one is called: Forever Red, Bath & Body's "Most Luxurious Fragrance". It will have to go on my Christmas list! I recently found their holiday shop online and loved the products ready to wrap and the great stocking stuffers. You can also purchase lovely cute bags, just the perfect size for your gifts! Bath & Body Works is a great place to find a few gifts and they usually always have a coupon to find or sales to take advantage of for an added bonus.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: As stated above, I received a mini candle in the Beauty Bloggers VoxBox. All opinions stated are 100% mine.

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